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History of Savar Upazila on Victory Day of Bangladesh – 16 December

Everyone gather around Savar Upazila on 16 December for the Victory Day of Bangladesh to honor the Victory of the Allied powers High Command over the Pakistani forces in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.The Victory Day commended with different exercises and developers of government and non-government associations.

Painful Bangladesh Victory Day – The History of 16 December

This is an open occasion, yet the national banner is lifted on the structures of authority establishments, malls and neighborhoods, Armed powers, BNCC, Rover Scout, Girl Guide and the understudies of schools and universities accumulate for parade and parade. Abstract and social associations have dialog, workshop and political show to stamp the day.

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Radio and TV broadcast several software engineers on 16 December. Daily papers distribute exceptional supplement on the significance of the day. Individuals of Bangladesh demonstrated the reality, through their ridiculous battle, that opportunity is the claim of man. The yearnings of the martyred saints will accomplish just when Bangladesh will appreciate the financial flexibility.

The National Memorial at Savar Upazila

It worked with Concrete, yet made of blood. It stands 150 feet tall, yet every saint it remains for stands so substantially taller. It is an accomplishment the measurements of which can be measured yet it continues for an achievement which is incomprehensible to remember the victory day of Bangladesh.

It stands upright for the large number of saints who laid their lives with the goal that we may hold erect, in respect and nobility, among the countries of the world. Most unmistakably visible is the 150 feet tower that stands on a base measuring 130 feet wide. There is a progression of 7 towers that ascent by stages to a tallness of 150 feet.

The establishment laid on the first commemoration of the Victory Day of Bangladesh. There is an arrangement to assemble a large complex in a few stages. The whole complex will cover a territory of 126 sections of land. The mechanism of this complex incorporates a mosque, a library, and an exhibition hall. The relics of the freedom war will keep exhibition hall. They will ever remind our comrades and all who might come to visit the gallery of the valiant battle and incomparable penances of an opportunity adoring individuals.

Here likewise will be clear cautioning to all oppressors that the weapons of opportunity require not be enormous. What the will of individuals wins, for man is destined to be free. The most moving sight of the complex is the graves we bow down our heads in regard, as the towards take-off symbolizing the loftiness of their spirit.

Some few lines on Victory Day (16 December) in Bangladesh

“ধনধান্য পুষ্প ভরা আমাদের এই বসুন্ধরা
তাহার মাঝে আছে দেশ এক সকল দেশের সেরা
ও সে স্বপ্ন দিয়ে তৈরি সে যে স্মৃতি দিয়ে ঘেরা
এমন দেশটি কোথাও খুঁজে পাবে নাকো তুমি
সকল দেশের রাণী সে যে আমার জন্মভূমি
সে যে আমার জন্মভূমি, সে যে আমার জন্মভূমি।।”
 -দ্বিজেন্দ্রলাল রায়

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