Reduce Bounce Rate On Magento

Best 10 Tips For Reduce Bounce Rate On Magento E-store Website

Undoubtedly, it’s infuriating when you put in a lot of efforts in creating a truly global digital store and needs to Reduce Bounce Rate On Magento. Even if your digital shop attracts too much traffic, it still requires some work and experimentation to know how to encourage visitors to stay for a longer time. Developing a store on Magento platform helps to reduce the bounce rate due to the aesthetics that appeal users. Additionally, Magento customization can work wonders. However, irrespective of the platforms you choose, bounce rate is prone to many factors. Before we enter into the details, let us first take a look at the definition of Bounce Rate.

(2018 Tips) Top 10 Tips For Reduce Bounce Rate On Magento E-store Website

Bounce Rate is the measure of the % of visitors of your e-store but bounced from the current web page without clicking on any other web page of your website. Positive bounce rate means that users are clicking on other posts on your website and vice-versa.

Now, let’s take a look at methods that you can use to reduce the bounce percentage of your site.

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Enhance User Experience

Navigation in and around your digital store can have a significant impact on your users. If it is complicated, users wouldn’t like the experience, and consequently, your website would show higher bouncer rate. Simple and effective navigation is the key to minimizing the bounce rate of your Magento store.

Categorising Product

Each product according to their respective category should well align with the design of your Magento e-store. It helps users select products without having to go through a lengthy search process.

Design easy navigation points

No one wants to search around an e-commerce website to look for more products. So, design a search bar in your e-store with clear menu items. Here, you can hire dedicated Magento developer to create an aesthetic appeal of your e-store. Also, use sidebars to give direction to the users toward the products they might be interested in.

Mobile Friendliness

One of the Most Reduce Bounce Rate On Magento Tip is, more than half a population of the world using smart-phones, it is essential that you develop an e-store that is entirely responsive to smart-phones. Get it developed with the help of a professional developer.

Create Good Content

Relatable and useful content is what many visitors are looking for. A visitor landing on your e-store has seen something attractive. Now, it all depends on you that how you follow through and give a visitor what he/she wants. Whether that is a unique giveaway, some old everyday entertainment, helpful tips or a must-have product, it is your job to make him interested in exploring your website. Below are the few tips you can use:

Use Fitting Keywords

Make use of keywords pertinent to your product in the blog titles, headers, and sub-headers to ensure that everyone is searching for similar information find your store on the search engines. All the keywords should be relevant to the information and products offered on your platform. Unmatched content will dissuade your targeted audience to spend some time on your website, which eventually will increase the bounce rate.

Be Attentive to SEO

You can use various plugins available in Magento to increase traffic to the website. These plugins can take your e-shop to heights when it comes to SEO practices. There are plenty of SEO tactics that these plugins offer such as designating a focus keyword, editing the search result excerpt, changing permalinks to be more user-friendly and much more.

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Compress Your Images

Minimizing stress on the servers that host your Magento e-store allows your web pages to load faster, which not only decrease the bounce rate but also make a good impression on the users. It can do by reducing the image size of all the products listed on your e-store.

Make Use of TinyPNG Plugin

TinyPNG can help you compress images on your e-commerce store before uploading them to the server. Not only PNG files but TinyPNG can compress JPEG files, too. The results that you will receive are a compressed file, which loads faster.

Smush.It Plugin In-Effect

Along with many benefits, Magento customization allows utilization of plugins too. There is another plugin called to compress the images. The idea behind compressing images is that the visitors should not leave your website because it couldn’t load as per their desired time. The high pixel images can increase the loading speed of your website, which will have adverse effects on your website’s traffic.

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Reduce Bounce Rate On Magento is a gradual process, which takes some time to make a real difference in the statistics. Follow all the tips mentioned in the post, and you will see a significant change in the dwindling bounce rate.

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