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Noindexed URLs

Linking to any Noindexed URLs is Not a Big Problem – Google

There is no Problem in linking to Noindexed URLs: You have this large site and you also no-index a lot of this parameter, filter, sort, etc types of pages but your own navigation and internal linking structure links to these pages a lot – would that be a problem with Google and ranking? The short answer is no.

Google’s John Mueller advised Laura Lippay, who is a veteran SEO that has lots of big business site SEO experience, that linking a whole lot to no-indexed webpages isn’t an issue.

Why is it? Well, it may be considered sending mixed signals to Google. On one hand, you are telling Google using the no-index not to index the page for any purpose and on the other hand, your internal linking structure is telling Google those web pages are important for your users. So which is it?

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In any event, John from Google said this shouldn’t be an issue – so that you have it.

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