how Winter Comes After Spring

Its Scientifically Proven: Winter Comes After Spring

How Winter Comes After Spring: In the winters the lower altitude of the Sun makes the sunlight to hit the hemisphere at an angle which is neither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line,  In regions experiencing winter, the same amount of solar radiation is spread out over a larger area.

A Short Drama Script on How Winter Comes After Spring

Spring is between winter and summer. Not too hot and not too cold. The sun is not directly overhead and is tilted far enough to give a comfortable warmth that everyone loves.

“Winter will come after spring? Becky are you on drugs right now? Or are you really being stupid?” Becky just stared at her sister excitedly at her own discovery even though Chrisima is giving her an “are you nuts!” Look.

Useless Nonsense Science facts
Say Whaaaaaaaaaatttttt???????????
  • Becky: YES CHRIS!!! You can’t believe it can you!*smirks a bit* It’s ok Chris, you can be shocked for a little bit more for not knowing things that were right IN FRONT OF US!!!
  • Chrisima: *blows air from her mouth in annoyance * Becks stop talking stupid. You know spring comes after winter. You know when you shop for winter clothes and scream my ear out how it’s cold as hell?and then you start dancing and prancing around saying how spring is the best and you trying to bring spring earlier by dancing for the spring gods?
  • Becky: Oh I know that you nerd. But just think about it ok!
  • Chrisima: becks there’s NOTHING to THINK ABOUT!! Everyone knows every year spring comes after winter and summer come before winter!
  • Becky: *smiling pitifully at Chrisima* ow you poor thing. OK now tell me this do you buy something before it’s destroyed or after?
  • Chrisima: *starts thinking which mental asylum will be safe for her sister* Becks you talking like you don’t know the answer?
  • Becky: just Answer me!
  • Chrisima: before, duh!!
  • Becky: Exactly! So we know in spring things come in life like the trees and …
  • Chrisima: are you saying winter comes after spring because winter is your least favorite season? Tell me the truth…
  • Becky: * gives Chrisima a sheepish look* ……
  • Chrisima: Oh God Becky!! What am I gonna do with you?
  • Becky: whatever Chris,  I am a genius, and you know it. * walks away with her dog Roger in her arms while singing merrily*

Hence the debate left in the middle and once again Becky won the argument in her own world. Do you want to know what the Moral of the Story is?

“Never ever poke a visionary person”

Philospher meme by becky and Chrisima

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