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How to Improve Accessibility in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013, 2016 and 365

Tips to Improve Accessibility in Microsoft Office Powerpoint – It’s critical you integrate accessibility best practices into your presentations so everyone, including people with disabilities, has the equal opportunity to benefit from your job. For instance, a lot of visual impairments commonly utilize a screen reader. A screen reader will probably dictate the information you have created according to a slide’s scanning order. In PowerPoint, the scanning order does not necessarily go from topto–bottom, leftto–appropriate as you might anticipate. To make sure your information is relayed accurately, it is crucial to confirm the reading sequence.

How to Improve Accessibility in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013, 2016 and 365

1 method to make sure your presentation is available to screen readers would be to utilize one of PowerPoint 2013, 2016 and 365’s constructed — from templates. But if you make modifications to the design by adding, removing, or rearranging objects (text boxes, graphics, etc.) or you build on a blank slide, you’ll probably have to manually adjust the reading sequence, even if the objects seem to be arranged logically.

Improve Accessibility PowerPoint

The reading order may be modified with the Selection Pane, which shows all objects on the pin. To access the Selection Pane and adjust your reading sequence:

Important: Reading sequence begins at the bottom of the pane. If you add objects to the slide, then those new objects added to this slide will look at the top, and for that reason last from the reading order.

Tips on Naming Objects Using the PowerPoint Selection Pane

By default, each of your items is given a default title of “Object #” which may be confusing for those who have a lot of objects on a slide. It’s a good idea to name your own objects that will help you keep organized. Discover how to name your own objects along with other choices from the Choice Pane with our applications suggestion on Using the PowerPoint Choice Pane to Work with Innovative Demo Slides. Furthermore make sure your PowerPoint access is all up to par with the other PowerPoint tip covering Assessing the Accessibility of a Presentation.

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