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How to chill

Best Ways on How to chill and How to reduce Stress Fast without any Medication

  1. Go on Long Drives (ALONE)

If you still not there and want to get rid of that stress which piling up in your head. Then get your wheels or go for a walk with headphones busting out your favorite songs.

(Disclaimer: don’t listen to high-level volume songs on road or outside, as it can distract you from your surrounding and can put you in accident)

Usually, I take out my Motorcycle and go for a long drive with songs from my favorite playlist. This will cure and give you the way to how to chill and reduce that stress without medication.

Also, don’t try new songs experiment until you can handle it because I get irritated and it spoils my whole mood.

Hope it might help you with your problem and listen no matter what where you are and how badly you screwed up. Just think you got a life and it can end any minute so why not live every moment of it and don’t spoil it with stress and just chill.

You can also try to make someone else motivate in their things or help someone by getting out of your comfort zone. That too will make your peace and help you reduce the stress without any help of medication.

If nothing helped you than just reach me on my Twitter DM with account @chrisimabecky and I am so going to be there to help all of you. I know how much it hurts to be there in that place, so come out and become my friend.

4 thoughts on “Best Ways on How to chill and How to reduce Stress Fast without any Medication”

  1. wow incredible post…perfect timing! Despite the fact that this goes amiss a little from the list…when I’m telecommuting, I frequently need to escape the house. In those cases, a stroll around the area encourages me to unwind.

  2. Clean your room, at that point sleep in your washed sheets. Truly, yes and yes. With the room windows completely open and natural air coming in ! I wanna backpedal to bed now.

  3. wow… lol.. and i was just waiting for this sort of things because of break up and many other sort of things in my life thanks again and i just subbed to you keep them posting

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