How to chill

Best Ways on How to chill and How to reduce Stress Fast without any Medication

  1. Chill songs with bass ON!

There is no need to be specific here to have bass or chill songs only. But I like songs with bass to fill up the emptiness in the room with melodies. Don’t get high bass or you going to end up with the Headache.

The songs will work best after Masturbation and the perfect way of how to chill and reduce the stress without any medication.

4 thoughts on “Best Ways on How to chill and How to reduce Stress Fast without any Medication”

  1. wow incredible post…perfect timing! Despite the fact that this goes amiss a little from the list…when I’m telecommuting, I frequently need to escape the house. In those cases, a stroll around the area encourages me to unwind.

  2. Clean your room, at that point sleep in your washed sheets. Truly, yes and yes. With the room windows completely open and natural air coming in ! I wanna backpedal to bed now.

  3. wow… lol.. and i was just waiting for this sort of things because of break up and many other sort of things in my life thanks again and i just subbed to you keep them posting

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