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(Uncover) Google not using News Meta Keywords tag Since October 2017

Another amazing news from the Google Side coming out. And this time they did it again by removing the use of Google News meta keywords tag. In Reality, this News tag update was online since October 2017 and everyone came to know around now after Yoast SEO Plugin Developer asked it from Google officials. You can read about this about in briefly in below article.

Why and Since When Google stopped the support of News Meta Keywords Tag

Everyone I know and even I was working on some of the News websites and now we are all shocked that Google made this type of decision a long time ago and updated its Help Document but didn’t even bother to let us know in public.

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Many people will agree with me on the Meta Keywords are not that useful anymore in SEO. But this update shows how much of a communication gap Google putting between them and Webmasters or a small website owner.

What changed in Help Documents

As I was reading down some of the Help Document because I was out on the adventure to cure my curiosity. Right then I stumbled upon this and then I started searching for this sort of Big update on google. Right then I read many articles from Search Engine Land that this has actually happened. The google is now no longer Supporting the News Meta Keywords Tag while crawling and indexing a website.

You can read the Updated help Document by google and can learn more about this update.

When this Update came out

This update was out since October 2017 and nobody knew about it until yesterday Yoast SEO Developer/Owner – Joost de Valk noticed it and asked the Google official – John. You can read the whole Twitter Conversation down below.

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Twitter Conversation on News Tag


Looks like we have to start digging more deeper from now on to even get the simple update on Search Engine Optimization because Google no longer communicates with the normal people. This update isn’t that big one but it proves that how a big company who has tons of users depend on it doesn’t even bother to let them know about it.

And also Stop using Meta Keyword now in everything.

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