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Best Glass Cutter for your DYI Projects in Australia

You Bought new glass in Australia and now looking for Best Glass Cutter to cut into better shape and make it fit? It shouldn’t be that hard to get one from your lock hardware store, but online, you can get 100s of choices, and you need expert-level information on these cutting tools, which is one better than the other. Many times, the professionals get confused and find themselves lost. Even if you a Home DIY type person or a professional glazier, you need something which is best in its job and durable. So we listed the 10 Best Glass cutter for you in Australia this article.

10. Atych 2 Packs Glass Cutter Tool (6 Way Cutting Wheel)


This ATYCH glass cutter might be the tool you be looking for cutting the window panes or mirrors or any kind of glass bottles for your project. The one of the best thing is it comes in pack of two with similar design. You can use it anywhere and for any project. And if you hit the problem wall, don’t worry because sellers provides 100% money back Guarantee.

It’s a small package and high quality product which is made out of steel. The cutting wheels and the wood handle gives a very comfortable and amazing soft grip. Therefore, using this makes the cutting glass really easy and handy. And its really easy to carry because of its size and shape and it can fit right into your pocket.

The high-quality design and amazing functionality, this glass cutter is very dependable and long lasting. With all this upsides it makes it perfect tool in your belt while working on glass. This is why it can be one of the best glass cutting tool in your tool box.

Customer Review

It gives Smooth, Clean Cut Not very good for beginner
This tool includes 6 Alloy Steel Cutting wheels 
It has very Comfortable wood handle  
Perfect for any DIY Project 
It comes with 100% money back guarantee 

9. VIGRUE 3mm-18mm Professional Heavy Duty Glass Cutter

VIGRUE 3mm-18mm Glass Cutter chrisima

Vigure 3mm-18mm is one of the most modern glass cutter out there, which can rotate up to 142 degrees, and its cutting thickness is between 3 and 18mm. It also has been gone through a very durable treatment called aluminum oxidation treatment. The product alone is the ideal product that you need to cut glass surfaces.

It actually looks and works exactly the same as a writing pencil. And because of that handling, it is super comfortable while transporting it or going somewhere else to work with it. The straightforward frame and style guarantee even you are not a professional, you can still use this and make your DIY or any other project successful. The silver color on the tip makes it more attractive in looks.

The design this simple, and With the simple design and less Strenuous requirements makes it the customer’s go-to ultimate glass cutter.

Customer Review

It fits like a Pencil in your HandSome customer complained about Oil tube came bit bent
It weights perfectly to ease your hand in long project 
It has very Comfortable wood handle  
This glass Cutter can handle big jobs easily 
Anti-skid Grips made from aluminum alloy work perfectly 

8. Bememo Glass Tool Kit with 1 Piece 5.5 Inches Tungsten Scribe Engraving Pen

Bememo Glass Tool Kit review chrisima

This Glass cutter from Bememo comes in a beautiful pen-like scribe, Black pencil shape sharp glass cutter, and an oil Dropper with a spare single operating head in the one price. This cutter can be an ideal glass tool for your glass art. The cutter length is about 7 inches, which is a practicable height. With Bememo cutter, all your DIY or any other project is going to successful.

The simplicity of this glass cutting tool comes with an ordinary pencil-type design, which can be really eye-catching. The handle, which is almost 5.9-inch, gives a comfortable and smooth grip, which makes the whole project to be complete without much pain in hand. The Black color makes it look really professional and stands out among other tools in your toolbox.

Some customers pointed out the flexibility and ease to use of this tool, which comes with durability.

Customer Review

Glass cutter pen designed very ergonomicSome people can find hard to use this tool properly
Engraving pen comes with a protective cap 
The grip on this cutter is very comfortable 

7. Moarmor 2mm-20mm Glass Cutter Set Pencil Style Oil Feed Carbide Tip with 2 Bonus Blades and Screwdriver

Moarmor 2mm-20mm Glass Cutter tool review by chrisima

The black pencil shape 2mm-20mm Glass cutting tool from Moarmor comes with a lot of goodies, which includes an Oil feed Carbide tip, a professional screwdriver, and 2 Bonus blades at the same price. Moarmor glass cutter is handy for a lot of glass cutting jobs, including the glass art. It came with a length of 7 inches, which is a very reasonable height, and the height helps in the grip while doing any sort of DIY project.

The Combination of golden and black make this ordinary looking glass cutting tool very eye-catching. The round metal head is made from premium steel and can be used to strike the glass after cutting it. The cutter is adequately threaded to keep the grip steady and non-slippery.

Customer Review

It works for for 2-6/6-12/12-20mm glass cutting. Nothing so far
It ‘s Surface is threaded to ensure slip resistant 
The top head is made from premium steel 
Comes with two extra different blades 
Screwdriver is free with this pack 

6. B BLOOMOAK Professional Carbide Tungsten Alloy Handle Glass Cutter Tool

B BLOOMOAK Professional Carbide Tungsten Alloy Handle Glass Cutter Tool review

This B Bloomoak glass cutter made from industrial grade frosted iron and long-lasting tungsten carbide giving it a cutting life of 20,000 meters or above. The Ergonomic Design of this cutter makes it easy to hold and reduce wrist fatigue, which means more time you spend on your project. It is so easy to use that you don’t need a lot of instructions or manuals on how to use it on a glass sheet.

It comes with a very refined oil feed system, which means when you apply pressure on the glass while cutting, an automatic oil dispensing system keeps the wheel lubricated and make your cutting smooth. You can use this tool on any sort of material from glass, diamond, or any mineral, hence making it the ideal tool to keep around the household for any cutting work.

Another perk of these tools is that it comes with a 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee, which means you ask for a refund or replacement if you are not satisfied with the quality of the tool.

Customer Review

Made from Premium quality, which gives 20,000 meter cutting lifeExpensive than other tools listed above
The grip is very amazing that you won’t hit wrist fatigue 
The automatic oil dispensing system work perfectly 

5. Pistol Grip Glass Cutter by Hotnew tools (2 Pack)

Pistol Grip Glass Cutter by Hotnew tools review by chrisima

Hotnew tools’ this glass cutter is a bit modern in design and shape way which works under oil. It’s an ideal glass cutting tool for many different glass patterns. While using this product, you will feel more control in your hands. The body material gives this tool a heavy-duty level and increases its durability up to or more than 20,000 meters cutting life.

This tool shaped like a pistol grip, which helps in reducing wrist fatigue, and the high-quality iron head keeps the cutter steady. The wheel in this cutter made out of Tungsten Carbide, which considers as a reliable and durable material. It also has a semi-transparent body where you can feed oil to keep the wheel lubricated the whole time. The cutter head, like other tools mentioned, is replaceable, and the best thing is it comes in pair, so even you lose or give it to someone else, you have another one spare with you.

Customer Review

This tool is really easy to handle and operate because of the designIt may leak if its filled to the top
It’s really light and shiner then regular cutter 

4. Cursanjo Glass Cutting tool (2 Pack)

Cursanjo Glass Cutting tool (2 Pack) review by chrisima

Cursanjo Glass cutter comes with a lot of multi-functionality including a 6-way wheel. The pack of 2 makes it easier to keep one even you lose another one. It’s excellent for cutting window panes, mirrors, glass bottles and glass-made shelves. The product is available in two colours, orange and red; hence you may select your favourite. With this product, you can create distinct glass artwork.

The soft grip makes it easy to use on the glass instrument giving a comfortable grip. Its smooth layout eases using.

We adore the 6-way wheel feature which permits different glass products cutting and unusual design. This tool is straightforward to use and easy to transport, which makes it one of the best product.

Customer Review

The grip is really soft and easy to handleCuts wasn’t really sharp
Came in pair, so easy to handle them 

3. Yosooo T-Type Glass Cutting Tool With Two Extra Blade

Yosooo T-Type Glass Cutting Tool review by chrisima

This Yosooo Glass cutter is really unique because of it’s one of a kind T-type shape, which gives excellent grip while working on any glass project. The two spare blades come with it are really helpful and gives you a total of three blades. This tool can be the practical product you want to use in your work or at home projects working on your window glass or DYI glass project or bottle cutting.

This is a stylish and functional Product from Yosooo, and its body really allows the really smooth track. The oil system keeps the wheel operational always. A soft and comfortable T-type grip constructed with the use of quality plastic.

The unique T-type shape gives it a better handling while using itSome can find the handle bar bit unusual
The tool comes with two extra wheel blades 
Its easy to disassembled and replaced making it very convenient 

2. Tarvol Professional Grade Glass Cutter Tool with 6 Way Cutting Wheel

Tarvol Professional Grade Glass Cutter is very sharp And best for any work or home project. This product has really simple to use features that are also reliable and efficient. With this tool, you can easily take your glass cutting abilities to a whole new level.

Tarvol Product is a glass cutting tool that has a straightforward but comfy design. Portability and handling alleviate, and the handle made out of wood, because of that using and handling it’s easy. This item works on various glass surfaces and of different strengths.

Product is a heavy-duty Item Which functions on various glass patterns. Its flexibility makes it the Clients’ choice.

Customer Review

The unique T-type shape gives it a better handling while using itSome can find the handle bar bit unusual
The tool comes with two extra wheel blades 
Its easy to disassembled and replaced making it very convenient 

1. Red Devil Glass Cutting Tool (106370 DIY)

Red Devil Glass cutter can be one of the best cutters in our listing. The manufacturer named Red devil made this tool Combining the functionality with design and also reliability. This cutting tool works perfectly under both household and business purposes. And it helps really well in your artworks also.

The product includes a thin handle when compared to other Glass cutters on our list. Therefore, handling it is comfier with perfect wheeling, you can make curves straight cuts, and round curves—the cushion-smooth Operation results in a fresh and noise-free functioning.

In the opinion of Customers, this glass cutter is ideal for patterns that are very different to cut. Its noise-free Operation makes it comfortable and reliable to work with this tool.

Customer Review

Very Simple in look Softness of the handle can be bad as in result tool snapped in half
Correct wheel movement for straight or round cuts 
Soft Handle makes the results clean cut every time  

Final Verdict

In our Final verdict, whether you’re cutting window panes or wine glasses, the list above has you covered. Why not when every glass cutting tool can do its job according to the expectations? In addition to this, it allows you to make glass arts. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you won’t regret buying any of the products from the list. The marketplace crowded, but the good thing is that the choices have narrowed. That’s from millions to ten. We’ve settled for the numbers since people have different preferences. Then, the details have been supplied by us. They’ll help you break the tie. You better grab one as soon as possible.

Safety Tip: Never fill the Oil cap till the full because it will make the tool start leaking. Another tip is that don’t put too much pressure on the cutter handle or it will break in half easily.

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