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Chrisima Introducing Current Automobile News Category in Website

Recently we were going through (our website) and we saw one thing missing and that one thing the Owner of this website loves – Automobile. Well before talking about what we going to put in this Current Automobile News category? I want to go through the What is Automobile and What comes in Automobile or what not? And I am not going to write a long paragraph just to increase the Length of this article (Literally just did that), so here we go :

What is Automobile and What comes in Automobile

Automobile is an engine vehicle that is designed or made predominantly to move people from Place A to Place B, and has a seating limit of not more than the driver and eight travelers.

A vehicle Composed of four Wheels and powered by a Engine. These Automobiles utilized to transport individuals and things starting with one area then onto the next area (as I earlier said from Point A to Point B). After years or different plans, inventors/creators are more capable to build a useful general structure that is used by significant automakers as the establishment of their plans. Automobiles manily use Gasoline/fuel, But recently development in the technology made them capable to run on even Water or Electricity.

An Automobile doesn’t Include:

  • A rescue vehicle (for example Ambulance)
  • Marked Police or fire Brigade vehicles
  • Properly Marked Emergency medical response vehicles that you use to move Emergency therapeutic gear and at least one or more Emergency paramedics
  • A vehicle you purchased to utilize as a taxi, a transport utilized in a business of transporting travelers, or a funeral car in a burial service business
  • A vehicle you purchased to sell, lease, or rent in an engine vehicle deals, rental, or renting business, with the exception of advantages emerging from individual utilization of a car.

The reason Chrisima Introducing Automobile News Category

The Name Chrisima is a Greek word which stands for Useful and by being useful we want to give all sort of Automobile news including latest Cars news, which car is going to released in 2019 or 2020. We also want to feature the Motorcycles too and also Big vehicles like Trucks/Buses. Everything which has a Engine and Can go more than 100Km/hr speed, we featuring it. We hope you guys like it and Subscribe to us for all the latest content.

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