Can pets have a long distance relationship

Weird Question: Can pets have a long distance relationship (Part 1)

Everyone have a pet, well every average person has a pet, and in this short drama script, I put up how Becky become someone you really can’t believe with their moods. Today she came up with an interesting but no brainer topic of “Can pets have a long distance relationship” and here is the little story to read how I tackle her and sort of LOST -_-

A Short Drama Script on “Can pets have a long distance relationship”

Becky came in Chrisima’s room and sat quietly on the bed beside her “lost in the world’s of books” sister who didn’t even notice the new addition to her room.

  • Chrisima: *went to take a pen from her bedside table and saw Becky for the first time* OH MY GOD BECKY! What are you doing here is silent like a ghost! When did you even come in!
  • Becky: *pouting* I just came in a few minutes ago…
  • Chrisima:*narrowed her eyes* and since then you’re sitting beside me? Dude I didn’t even hear you come in the house! Usually, you scream like a banshee when you come home.
  • Becky:*shrugs*
  • Chrisima: Hey, is something wrong? Did you lose your favorite lipstick again?
  • Becky:*widens her eyes and checks her pockets and sighs in relief when she sees it* No I didn’t!
  • Chrisima: then what’s the problem?
  • Becky: *gets teary eyed and lips started trembling*
  • Chrisima: …. damn it *covers her ears*
  • Becky: *starts crying loudly while saying something gibberish*
  • Chrisima: Calm down girl! Wait a minute! * brings ice cream* there you go. Eat it and calm down!
  • Becky:*starts wolfing down ice cream and stops crying after a while*
  • Chrisima: Now tell me what’s wrong?
  • Becky: Roger’s best friend is going to Canada. Now he can’t play with her anymore. He is going to be so sad. *Starts crying and wolfing down ice cream again*
  • Chrisima: Becky, listen to me. Don’t cry for that. We are gonna buy Roger lots of toys, so he doesn’t feel sad ok?
  • Becky: But toy and a friend aren’t the same!
  • Chrisima: Um Roger got us to play with him! And if he wants to see her we can always skype her!
  • Becky: *looks wide-eyed at chrisima * we can Skype?
  • Chirisma: of course! You know as we got the thing called “the internet”? I am sure you can Skype?
  • Becky: *screams and starts jumping on the bed* So Roger can talk to his friend every day! Yaaaay he won’t get sad!
  • Chrisima: Yeah just get her username, and Roger will be Okay.
  • Becky: *freezes* wait I am going to get info right now! *Runs like hellhounds are behind her*
  • Chrisima: CLOSE THE DOOR IN YOUR WAY OUT *the front door slams* damn you, Becky ….


(Wait for the Can pets have a long distance relationship Part 2, it will be online soon)

pets love in long distance relationship

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