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Best Bamboo Cutting Boards for you in Australia

In Australia, Best Bamboo Cutting boards are among the most essential equipment you require for your kitchen usage. You will need the cutting boards for a long-lasting period, and as a result, you may need them to be highly durable. With this, there is a need to have high-quality material used in creating the cutting boards you use.

Bamboo cutting boards are the best solution as they are of a wood that gives long-lasting support for the usage. Along with this, they are also good looking, thus fitting along with your kitchen look you want. Check the following list where we listed the top ten bamboo cutting boards for you (with Pros and Cons).

These Boards have become quite popular nowadays, due to being made from a light, ecologically sound, strong product.

Bamboo is a great material because it’s much harder than maple which makes it perfect for a tableware or cutting surface. Bamboo is guaranteed to be a cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the far-flung clear cutting of the timberland. Bamboo is actually nothing but woody perennial evergreen grass that grows as much as 40 inches per hour. Bamboo represents a good alternative to trees as a natural resource.

It has over 100 uses including furniture, houses,  pulp and paper, flooring, scaffolding, landscaping, tools, etc. It is ideal for making kitchen items such as chopsticks, bowls, serving trays, plates, flatware and cutting boards. Bamboo is known to be a smooth, durable surface for cutting. Bamboo cutting boards are affordable, light and easy to maintain.

Bamboo cutting boards also have their drawbacks. Being harder than wood, the bamboo cutting board might eventually have a damaging effect on your knife. Aside from that, bamboo cutting boards are better than plastic cutting boards and a good alternative to wood boards. Make sure you wipe down periodically your bamboo cutting board with mineral oil.

10. Midori Way - Small Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Juice Grooves​

Small Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Juice Grooves​

The Midori Way is the one you will love the most and will find it one of the best bamboo cutting boards. It’s 100% organic bamboo usage ensure the long-lasting service and durability. Speaking of Durability, it also has a very beautiful design structure to match with your modern kitchen looks. It comes in two size – Small (12″ x 9″) and Large (18″ x 12″).

It’s very beautiful and gorgeous lookingSometimes can see Cracks or splits in the board
You can cut anything on it because Its easy on knives 
It comes with 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.  
Its very easy in Maintaince 
Completely 100% natural (Dye and Formaldehyde Free) 

9. Freshware Extra Large Bamboo Chopping Board

Do you look for optimized cooking experience in your kitchen? If Yes! Then this can be the best choice for you. Among many good qualities, its high quality of 100% pure bamboo will have you using this cutting board for a long time. Below you can see its pros & cons to make the right decision.

Highly durable Very rarely but you can see a crack or two
It’s big in size and sturdy even under water and doesn’t bend Bit Expensive in price
Easy in cleaning and maintenance 
Its very easy in Maintaince 
BPA free 

8. HTB Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 2 With Handle

The HTB Bamboo Cutting Board might be one of the best bamboo cutting boards in Amazon you Can find. It’s all because of this cutting board use a very thick bamboo, which provides long durability of usage. One of the qualities of this amazing cutting board is built-in grooves around the edges that keeps all the juices in and avoid the mess all over the kitchen counter.

It has a Handle which is very convenientGrooves are bit more shallow then necceassary  which makes  juicy meats or roasts hard to cut
Both Chopping boards comes with “One” “Two” Engraved in the bottomIts not dishwasher safe, might develop cracks
Comes in packaging which can be use as a gift 

7. Willersdorf Wood EXTRA LARGE Organic Bamboo Chopping Board

As You can understand from its name, this Organic bamboo cutting board provides a perfectly large cutting area to you, so that you can cut, chop and serve anything on it without any problem. You Defenitely will enjoy using this in your kitchen becuase it comes with very comfortable side handles to use it will carrying it around.

Extra large, so that you don’t run out of space while cutting vegetablesThere is no two side cutting boards, which means you can use only one side
It have Built-in GROOVE on borders to  holds  any juice from meat, fruits or vegetables.  
Comes with Money-Back guarantee 

6. Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting Board With Trays and Lids (Multi-functional)

Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting Board With Trays and Lids (Multi-functional)

Simpli Better Bamboo Cutting Board is a top-quality cutting board that comes with not one or two or three but four Lids, in which you can store all the cuttings and store it into your refrigerator. Its design is so brilliant that you just cut the veggies and slide it into the container, which comes with it and Ta-Dah. It truly increases the productivity in your kitchen and looks amazing in it too.

It comes with 4 Draws and BONUS 4 SlicersWe saw no cons so far
A Large opening to slide your cuttings right into container 
It’s design is very modern but still made from 100% Real natural Bamboo 
4 Trays which you can store it into your fridge easily 

5. Royal House Round Bamboo Cutting Board

With Different Shape in comparison to other Bamboo Cutting Boards, this sure looks and works amazingly like them. You Sure will have a different and fantastic experience using it in your kitchen while making dinner. With its smooth surface and 12” round, ¾ inches thick, and only 1.6 pounds, it’s perfect from Pizza base to anything else to cut on it. Some tip to keep it shiny use rub bit of oil on its surface to stay beautiful in your kitchen

Perfect Round shape gives more space in compare to other Rectangle Shape Cutting BoardsSome might find it bit extra large and inconvenient to store
It is perfect for Cutting Fruits to making Pizza 
It’s made with premium Bamboo  

4. Allsum Large Bamboo Cutting Board with 3 built in Dividers and Juice Grooves

This Bamboo Cutting Board made out of premium organic bamboo, which is totally BPA Free, and we are sure you are going to have a great experience while using this Cutting Board for your preparation for dinner or any food meal. It’s so well designed and amazing in size that you can feel like a professional chef in your kitchen. But beware, don’t use this to clean in your Dishwasher, or it will harm the cutting board and might give a crack or two.

It comes with compartments and juice grooves to store your items you just cutColor might be bit lighter shade of brown
With the size of 17” by 12.6” by 0.78”, it gives an ample space to workFeels Cheap quality
With Premium bamboo used, it will keep your knives and cutlery totally safe 

3. Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle

Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle

This is a top premium quality cutting board that comes in 4 Size (Thick, Small, Medium, and XL) checking all the boxes of your needs. It designs in such a way that it gives you the comfort and Royal Feeling while chopping anything on it. Its Antibacterial 2 sided Board gives you the freedom of cutting on any edge and any side of the board. Just a Safety tip, always handwash the board and never let it go in the dishwasher or it may attract some cracks and lose its Royalness.

Available size –  Medium (10 x 15),  Small (12 x 8), Thick (15x11x1.2″) &  XL (18×12″)Doesn’t Feel heavy or sturdy
It’s Knife & Cutlery friendly Chopping BoardIt can Slide around countertop easily
Comes with Tips to maintain the board and direct contact info 

2. HTB 100% Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle

HTB 100% Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle

The HTB 100% Bamboo Cutting Board looks simple and day to day Chopping board and its thin style makes it look comfortable to use and very easy to handle on a daily basis. It comes in two sizes, Medium and Large making your life more effortless in the Kitchen. This Best cutting board uses a thick bamboo, which makes it a long-lasting board for your use.

It’s  made out of 100% Natural BambooThe board can break into two pieces
Available size –  Medium (12″ x 9.1″),  Large (14.8″ x 11.8″) 
It’s made out of thin Bamboo 
The Handle come really helpful in handling 

1. Davis & Waddell Bamboo Cut Board with Stand

Davis & Waddell Bamboo Cut Board with Stand

The Davis & Waddell Bamboo Cut Board is one of the best Bamboo Cutting Board, which comes with a sweet deal, including the stands to store your boards easily in your kitchen. It manufactured from raw material, keeping it lightweight and sleep design. The stand makes the storage of three different Cutting boards easy to handle and store it after cleaning it with handwash.

It has very sleek design and lieght weightSo far we didn’t see any Cons
This Cutting Board comes with a Stand for storage 
Board came in 3 options – Small, Medium and Large 
It cost less then other board in compare to what it’s offering  

Final Verdict

In our Final verdict, We will let you decide what suits you best, but using the above listed top 10 Bamboo Cutting board will make your life as comfortable as it makes your kitchen stylish. And using Davis & Waddell Bamboo Cut Board with Stand will not going to make your life more comfortable with the stand to store the boards but also going to make your wallet delighted like a happy kitten. Just side advice we want to give you while choosing a Cutting board, look for the size, easy to clean, and durability as a factor. It won’t only make it easy to distinguish between what is best for you and what is not but also going to help you make the best decision.

Safety Tip: Never wash your Bamboo Cutting boards in Dishwasher or soak it in water. Keep it clean with hand wash and apply a bit of oil to keep its surface smooth and shiny.

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