Chrisima - A Place to find From Alternative of SEO Khazana to Everything

The name Chrisima is a Greek word which means Useful and I am very useful in every sense, from Alternative of SEO Khazana to everything you need on Web

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Chrisima – A Place to find From Alternative of SEO Khazana to Everything

Chrisima Means – Useful and by that everyone is nowadays making a website and many few of them knows how to get the business out of them. So on chrisima Website, I am going to talk about everything and every solution like Alternative of SEO Khazana to Apps which not many people can find easily on this web. No No! I am not going to stop writing Short Script Stories because my sister loves it. So it will keep coming but not for now.

Chrisima – A website to get an Alternative of SEO Khazana to everything which is available on the web

Hello, Random people!  This site is going to filled with random stories that I wrote, My random thoughts, exciting events that happened to me and blah blah. You probably wondering, “is the whole website only about me?” Nah! My sister Becky, who is a vast (and annoying) part of my life is also going to be here. And if we talk about me, well I am a Science student and a very well educated person…

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*Becky jumps in*

Becky: and also self-praiser because she is writing this post

Chrisima: Move on… Becky! So as I was saying, I am the serious one, but all the weird things that happen in my life also includes Becky (My little Sister) cause we are Sisters and we live together as she never leaves me alone!

*Becky jumps in again*

Becky: Mostly about me as I am the only interesting thing is her life

Chrisima: uh! Huh! In your dreams…  Pfft!!! So I was saying this will be my sort of diary which will include some of my sister’s weird life story too.

*Becky sticks her tongue out*

Real mature becks, real mature… so yeah, you going to see lots of stuff like this in a Short Drama Script and also the Becky Loves the Color PINK, so her narration is going to be in Pink, and I happens to be fond of Blue Color.

Hope you find the Alternative of SEO Khazana more useful than other people try to do it Because Chrisima means Useful and I am here to help you no matter what.

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Why Choose Chrisima Website for SEO Purpose

The SEO stands for the Search Engine Optimization, and by its name, it explains itself that it works around the Optimization for Various Search Engines. Google Right now is the top sharing Search Engine in the Market and right after it comes the Bing. Getting ranked in these Search Engines can bring the lifetime visitors and more authentication to your Website without paying a dime.

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is optimizing the contents of a website with selected keywords and phrases with a goal to improve the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. SEO takes the site to the first page or even in some cases the first entry. Search engines look at both on-site and off-site factors to decide SERP rankings. On-site refers to the segment of webpage design including internal content links, on-page content and title tags. Off-site factors are backlinks from blogs, product or service reviews, social media profiles, and quotations on other irrelevant websites like online directory listings.

How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works?

At the point when a client scans for a term on an internet searcher like Google, the outcomes that he or she gave a progression of sites that are important to the inquiry and sites that have an active space specialist (among different components portrayed underneath).

For instance when you look for ‘chocolate cake thoughts,’ the best outcomes are the ones that are receiving the best SEO rehearses in Google eyes.

This is chiefly because the web indexes utilize propelled crawlers that accumulate the data on each site, assembling all of the substance it can discover on the Internet. That makes a file for each site that contrasted with the calculation that Google has worked for the best SEO hone.

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Chrisima - A Place to find From Alternative of SEO Khazana to Everything
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